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Veterinarian in Yorktown VA

Dr. Gross is a 1983 graduate of Auburn University where he obtained a BS degree in zoology and a D.V.M. degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, he moved into the Dare/Grafton area of York County. From 1983-1984, he was a full-time associate in a small animal practice in Newport News. From 1984-1986, he worked at a 24-hour veterinary hospital in Richmond, gaining experience in emergency as well as outpatient medical practice. From 1986-1994, he worked as a “relief” veterinarian for over a dozen practices between Chesapeake and Richmond. In March of 1994, he opened Grafton Animal Hospital.

In addition to small animal medicine, Dr. Gross has a special interest in avian (bird) and small exotic (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) medicine.

Outside of work, Dr. Gross is an avid bicycle enthusiast, riding long-distance road bikes in the summer and mountain bikes in the winter. His pets Ricky, Luke, Duke, and Daisy are listed here as part of our staff!

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