Our Reviews

  • He loved staying at the kennel
    The staff at Grafton has been wonderful to Gideon and me over the years. They always treated Gideon with love and kindness, and he loved staying at the kennel. His kennel card always noted he was ecstatically happy and he was so because he knew he was loved.

    - Junes Wedd

  • Truly a remarkable place!
    Great place for all your pet health needs! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff that truly care about your pet and your family. From grooming, to vet services, and boarding to doggy day care, they have always been willing to listen and provide support in any way they can. Truly a remarkable place!

    - Gina

  • He is happy and looks well cared for and relaxed!
    You all are great! You remember my dog’s name and something about him every time we go in. When I pick him up from boarding he is happy and looks well cared for and relaxed! Thank you!!

    - Rick

  • You are are a true blessing to us and we are forever grateful
    I just want you all to know that I pray and thank God for you all. You are are a true blessing to us and we are forever grateful for the care that you all give Black and Bella. They love you all too. Keep up the great work. I pray that as you all may add new employees that they have the same spirit as those that are there now!

    - Anonymous

  • They fit me in if I need something immediate
    My dog loves the entire staff. They are welcoming, friendly, helpful, etc. They fit me in if I need something immediate. There’s boarding available with a variety of options to care for your pet. The hours are convenient.

    - Nicki

  • I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere else
    I have been taking my German Shepherd to Grafton for about 4 years now. He isn’t thrilled about going to the vet’s office and therefore can be a big 90 pound baby! The staff at Grafton Animal Hospital is top notch. They are always patient and loving with him. They take the time to answer questions and discuss any concerns I have. I have seen several of the doctors here and they’re all fantastic. I feel very confident that my dog is well cared for. While we have not used boarding services here, I would not hesitate to use them if needed. In addition, I appreciate the friendly manner in which we are always greeted. They also call to check on my dog after visits, sometimes more than once, and it is obvious they care about their patients. I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere else.

    - Lynn T.

  • Grafton’s entire staff go beyond the extra mile
    I have a fear aggressive dog, Henry, who needs TONS of patience and understanding. Patience/understanding while managing him, clinically caring for him, and boarding him. Grafton’s entire staff go beyond the extra mile to work with Henry (and me) to show compassion and understanding for what is a very challenging situation. Grafton Animal Hospital is my safety net; allowing me to go out of town and know that Henry is being cared for as best as possible. I consider them a vital part of Henry’s and my quality of life…. they are my peace of mind as I love my dog (albeit he is often unlovable by most). As the staff there at Grafton Animal Hospital tell me “Mrs. P, he’s just special. You get that and we do too.”. Thank you all for working with me and Henry….it is very much appreciated and valued.

    - Linda P.

  • My baby was shown so much love today

    Today I took my 1 year old Dusky Conure here. I am so pleased with my choice in going to Grafton Animal Hospital. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgable, caring, and most importantly gentle and respectful towards animals. My baby was shown so much love today and is on the road to being as healthy as he can be. They genuinely want to help you become the best pet owner you can be in order to give your pet a long and happy life.

    I learned more today in one appointment than I have in a year of research. Every question I had was addressed in detail, and I now have numerous sheets of paper to refer back to when I need to. I was given so much valuable information that certainly will make me a better pet owner, and that in itself as a new pet mom lays much anxiety to rest. If you have any doubt about anything, they’re here to help you without hesitation.

    Their prices are incredibly fair, instead of pushing you, they recommend what you should do, and they make it comfortable to your price point, in which you can even spread out the necessities over multiple vists. Being a college student, this is incredibly useful.

    If you have an avian friend, or any animal, really, this is the place to go. I am absolutely ecstatic to have a place with staff I know I can fully trust with my pets.

    Thank you all for the incredible experience.

    - Tiffany

  • Did their best to accommodate our needs

    Where do i begin….

    Ill start guess thanking everyone at the Grafton Animal Hospital for their understanding and willingness to be flexible with my very unique situation.

    I have two parrots, and i had every intention on bringing them with me on a PCS to Hawaii. The quarantine/Traveling process is very nerve racking and expensive. Unlike Cats/Dogs, owners of birds will not be reimbursed by the Gov’t.

    I called Grafton Animal Hospital after having the Langley Vet Clinic tell me they had no idea how to do a bird import nor could they. Melanie was open and willing to try to help us with the quarantine process.

    Birds have to be quarantined 7 days prior to arriving to the island. The owner/importer must obtain two import permits, a plant and poultry permit. The poultry permit is only issued to a CAT II accredited vet (a vet who does more than cats and dogs). The quarantine area must be mosquito proof, also the travel carriers must be mosquito proofed has well. Any damage or failure of the proofing while in transit results in the birds being returned to the mainland and the process starts all over. Once the birds leave the the vet we have 36hrs to get them to the Island.

    Melanie and Emily did their best to accommodate our needs. We were able to visit the birds when we wanted to. They also worked with our flying schedule to pick the birds up outside of normal hours. The process, while stressful for all, went off with out a hitch. I once again want to extend our greatest thanks to the staff at Grafton Animal Hospital and would recommend them to anyone, esp those who are bird owners moving to Hawaii they are pros on the process now.

    - Jason

  • The doctors patiently take the time to answer all my (many) questions
    We started bring our chihuahua puppy, Pepper, here when he was 8 weeks old, for exam and shots, and from the very first time, we were so very happy with the care he received, from the receptionists to the nurses, to the doctors, and the office manager. Approximately 6 weeks ago, Pepper fractured his little wrist, and we’ve had to bring him in for weekly bandage/splint changes. At first, Pepper was not happy about this! However, we’ve noticed over the past couple times we’ve brought him, that instead of shaking and clinging to me when I bring him in, he now wags his tail and gets happy to see everyone, reaching his head out, so that everyone can pet him and love on him!!! So I think that says a lot right there! But, also, these wonderful people are not only super-friendly, and efficient, but they go out of their way to make both myself and my dog feel very good about the level of care he is receiving here. I appreciate how the doctors patiently take the time to answer all my (many) questions, and they really are dedicated to helping me and my family be the best Chihuahua owners we can be! I would like to thank everyone here for doing such an excellent job in their care of Pepper! I especially want to thank Melanie, the office manager, who really reached out and helped us find resources that were very, very much needed and much appreciated at a crucial time during Pepper’s recovery!!!!! I am so happy that we decided to bring Pepper here for his medical care. I highly recommend Grafton Veterinary Hospital to everyone looking for the best possible care for your pet!!!

    - Melissa