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Birds often hide their illness which can make at-home diagnosis difficult. There is a common misconception that when birds get sick, they die very quickly. In fact, when most owners notice signs of illness in their avian friends, it is likely that the issue has been present for some time and has only recently reached terminal stages. This is why regular wellness exams and laboratory testing for birds is so important to maintaining the health of your pet.

Why do birds hide their illness?

Birds in the wild have learned survival instincts that protect them from predators. Signs of weakness indicate easy prey. These instincts have been retained and passed down to domestic birds, making detection of disease difficult for pet owners.

At Grafton Animal Hospital, we love birds. Know that your feathered family member will receive the very best in medical care at our clinic. We know what to look for and how to treat these special animals.

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What to Expect

Below is a comprehensive list of avian medical procedures conducted by Grafton’s veterinarians. Realize that no amount of testing can 100% guarantee a healthy bird, but the more information we have the more likely we will be able to detect disease before it becomes fatal.

Physical Exam: We recommend a complete physical exam every 6 months to aid in advanced detection of common problems, such as respiratory disease, malnutrition, Vitamin A deficiency, sinus and/or eye infections, mites, feather disorders, etc.

Gram Stain on Choana (mouth) and Feces: This test checks for abnormal bacteria and yeast in the intestines and upper respiratory tract. It involves taking swabs from the mouth and the vent, applying these samples to a slide, a staining process, and microscopic examination. This procedure can be performed in a matter of minutes.

Fecal Flotation/Direct Smear: These tests check for the presence of parasites (worms and protozoa) in the intestinal tract of birds – including roundworms, coccidia and giardia, which also is contagious to people. This test also can be done in our own lab, within minutes.

CBC and Serum Blood Chemistry Analysis: This test checks for anemia, infection, blood parasites, and diseases of the liver, kidney and other internal organs. Diseases such as diabetes and calcium deficiency may also be detected. These tests require a blood sample and are sent to an outside lab.

Psittacosis Test (Chlamydia or Parrot Fever): This disease can be carried by the bird for a long time without causing disease. When active, it can make the bird very sick and may be deadly. It can also be spread to people. This test also gets sent to an outside lab.

X-Rays: There are many diseases detectable by x-rays, such as pneumonia, abscesses, liver disease, fungal infection, old fractures, etc. Additionally, if your pet becomes ill in the future, it helps to have previous x-rays for comparison. Our radiology department is equipped to take quality radiographs of all pets, even the tiniest ones!

Additional Tests

There are a few additional tests to consider depending on the species and origin of your bird. These include Polyoma Virus and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. Your veterinarian will recommend the best diagnostics for your pet.

Other Available Procedures

  • Wing trims - Birds that are permitted to fly may escape through an open door or window or fly into other dangers in your home.
  • Nail trims - Many birds may have trouble standing on a perch if their nails are too long.
  • Beak trims - Birds may have difficulty eating if their beak is overgrown or misshapen
  • Counseling on housing, handling and nutrition
  • DNA analysis & genetic fingerprinting - These tests are available through the same laboratory and can be performed simultaneously

New Bird Owners

If you are a new bird owner, please request an extended office visit so that we may take the time to discuss nutrition, behavior, housing, training and any other areas of concern. Please add clean paper to your pet’s cage before your appointment and be sure to cover your pet’s cage to prevent exposure to cold and wind. We also encourage bird owners to drop in with their birds from time to time for weight checks to ensure a healthy, growing bird.

New clients should complete our New Client Form and New Patient Form before their first appointment.

What to Know As a First Time Bird Owner

Welcome to the bird owner's club! If this is your first time owning a bird, please remember that these beautiful animals are much different than dogs & cats. They require a unique kind of care and have an alternate set of behaviors.

  • Best Bird Breed For You - Our Yorktown avian veterinarians can provide insight should you require it. Learning more about which bird best suits your lifestyle is extremely helpful when first getting started. Many people opt to buy or adopt cockatiels and budgies for their first bird pet.
  • Time Commitment - Some birds live as long as 18 years. It's important to research the lifespan of your prospective pet bird.
  • Equipment & Maintenance - Birds require a great deal of equipment and also need a great deal of social interaction. Along with the cage, food, water, and baths - your bird will require attention and playtime. Many birds are extremely intelligent, so be prepared to make allowances for their unique needs.

Now, keep in mind that your bird's cage should not be their only home. They should be allowed plenty time outside of their cage to safely explore or wander around. Imagine keeping your dog or cat in a kennel all day? That's a big no, no. The same goes for your pet bird.

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