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Yorktown Pet Boarding

Schedule a Stay for Your Pet

Your pet is going to love staying at Grafton Animal Hospital! We board animals of all shapes and sizes.
Our staff members are trained to closely observe each patient to make sure all their needs are satisfied and report to the doctors immediately if any concerns arise.

The following is a list of features that make this pet center special.

  • Complimentary pre-entrance exams
  • Veterinary supervision and treatment if needed
  • Dogs and cats are fed premium diets from Hill's Science Diet, or we happily can feed your pets your own supplied food. Please note parents of exotic pets will need to provide their own food for their boarding stay.
  • Medication given by kennel attendants upon request
  • Boarding spaces large enough to allow multiple dogs or cats from the same household to board together
  • State-of-the-art smoke and burglary detection system linked to the local police and fire departments, which are located less than 1/2 mile away
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Large exhaust fans set on timers guarantee a continuous supply of fresh, odor-free air
  • Large AC/heating units controlled by auto-changeover thermostats maintain a stable, comfortable temperature all year long
  • After 9 nights of boarding, the 10th night is free!

To schedule a stay for your pet, call (757) 384-9399 today and learn about our pet boarding services in Yorktown. Advance reservations are required for all boarding stays.

Our K9 kennel includes:

  • A 20,000 square-foot securely fenced exercise area where pets can run and play individually or as a household three times daily.
  • Eight different sized room options, which allow you to choose the ideal room for your pup. An 8’x 8’ room, for example, could comfortably house two Saint Bernards or one Chihuahua with a big attitude.
  • Elevated beds in every room.
  • Numerous skylights and windows throughout the facility.
  • Extra play/exercise time available upon request.
  • Comfort cushions and bedding available upon request.
  • Complimentary bath after 5 nights of boarding.

The Kitty Condo Motel

Our kitty condo motel includes:

  • A separate room just for felines
  • Multiple condos available. Each condo is comprised of four interconnecting suites. Each suite is approximately 12 cubic feet and up to four suites may be connected for multiple cats or cats needing a lot of space.
  • All suites have clear backs and windows allowing the cat to watch people and birds at the bird feeders.
  • Each suite has its own perching shelf.
  • Feliway® diffusers are installed to help promote calming, along with peaceful music piped in throughout the day.
  • Extra playtime and brushing available upon request.
  • Comfort cushions available upon request.

Give us a call today to learn more about our available Yorktown pet boarding options(757) 384-9399.

Boarding & Grooming Policy

All dogs and cats boarding with us must have had an exam within the last 12 months and have a current rabies vaccine. Additionally, dogs must be up-to-date on their distemper/parvo and Bordetella vaccines. Cats also must be current on their FVRCP vaccine. Dogs that have not had an intestinal parasite screen (aka fecal test) done within the last 12 months, will have one performed while they board with us, at the owner’s expense.

To make your pet’s stay more comfortable, we encourage you to:

  • Bring your pet’s treats, toys, blanket, or bed from home. However, you are more than welcome to have us provide our own bedding to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Bring your pet’s food, especially if they eat wet food or have special diet needs. We can provide Hill’s Science Diet dry food for cats and dogs at no additional expense.
  • Bring food and treats for exotic pets (birds, ferrets, rabbits, fish, etc.)
  • Any medications that will be given while boarding must be in the original containers with clear instructions. A daily medication fee does apply.

Boarding Your Bird, Reptile, or Other Small Exotic Mammal

Boarding is not just for cats and dogs. You can trust Grafton Animal Hospital to care for your bird, reptile, ferret, rat, etc.
We require that our exotic pet guests have an exam on file within the last 12 months prior to boarding with us. If that is not the case, our doctors will perform a wellness exam upon arrival, at the owner’s expense.
We request that you bring your pet’s regular cage from home, along with your pet’s food, water bottles, food bowls, bedding, and toys. If your pet eats fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, we have the means to store those items. Give any of our staff members a call to learn how we can help you board all your pets.

You can reach us to learn more at (757) 384-9399.

Why We Are Your Best Choice

  • Fully Equipped and Prepared for Your Pet's Needs

    Our hospital is a 6,000 sq ft facility with a large kennel, grooming room, treatment area, and more to best serve our patients.

  • High-Quality Care Tailored to Each Patient

    We value the human-animal bond and strive to provide premium, loving care for your pet's unique needs.

  • Monthly Continuing Education for All Staff Members

    We believe that education is the key to preventing illness and shortening the recovery time for your pet's ailments.

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